Our Latest & Greatest Roomored Design Online Features

Roomored’s virtual design technology, Design Online, is a first of its kind, immersive online platform that can streamline the home design process. Design Online allows interior designers and homebuyers to access their builder’s entire catalog of design finishes and apply them instantaneously to their unique floor plan, creating an incredibly realistic 3D visualization experience. It’s no surprise that such innovative technology comes with a wide variety of bells and whistles to help homebuyers express their preferences. 

From these top 6 Design Online features to our latest and greatest product enhancements, there are so many components that increase efficiency and make this platform such a game changer for interior designers and homebuyers alike. Scroll below to learn more about our newest Roomored Design Online features and be sure to follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on everything @roomored!

Designer-Friendly Search Feature:

We’ve enhanced our search feature even further! Roomored’s search feature has always supported the type of searches homebuyers are likely to make, including colors, like “cream” or “blue,” and words they learn from home-renovation shows, like “mosaic” or “subway.” However, homebuyers aren’t the only passionate users of Roomored Design Online. Designers also love the platform, since it helps their buyers visualize the finishes they’re interested in.

As you can imagine, designer search needs are much different than their homebuyers’. They want to look for specific products by manufacturer, series, or the often unique color names that products have. In fact, designers typically type in a combination of terms when looking for a specific product, so we’ve enhanced our search capability to support these queries more effectively. Designers asked, and we delivered.

Backsplash Tile & Flooring Offset:

Not only are there hundreds of tile and flooring finishes to choose from, but now there are endless pattern possibilities too! With our backsplash tile and flooring offset feature, Design Online users can choose from 0%, 33%, or 50% tile offset for a truly unique design.

Backsplash Tile & Flooring Rotate:

Homebuyers and designers no longer need to settle for a horizontal herringbone when vertical is more their vibe. Take that tile for a spin! Literally. Now Roomored Design Online allows users to rotate backsplash tile and flooring 90 degrees for a completely different look.

Backsplash & Flooring Grout Color Customization:

Now designers and their homebuyers can create the right contrast with a variety of backsplash and flooring grout colors! Users can choose from light, dark, and neutral shades for a completely custom design. The options (and optimal finish visuals) are endless. 

As you can see, Roomored’s virtual design technology is full of innovative features and functionality that truly streamline the home design process. Plus, we’re always updating our Design Online platform to further increase efficiency and improve our clients’ experience. For more information on Roomored Design Online or other product offerings, visit www.roomored.com or email us at hello@roomored.com.