Roomored Virtual Home Design: A Designer’s Perspective

As our world continues to grow and change, more homebuilders are turning to technology as a resource for innovation. Accessible, client-centric solutions provide competitive advantages to modern builders, paving the way for transformative homebuying experiences. As a result, interest in virtual home design tools has never been higher.

Homebuyers embrace virtual solutions due to many ease-of-use factors. Millennials, who are entering their prime homebuying years, are already familiar and comfortable with e-commerce platforms. In fact, 30% of millennials said they would buy and design a home completely virtually (National Association of Realtors 2020 Profile Homebuyers and Sellers Report).

It comes as no surprise that contemporary home shoppers are enamored with Roomored, a leading virtual product that allows users to design home interiors via the comfort and convenience of their online devices. Since 2016, Roomored has been transforming the traditional design center journey, captivating homebuyers across North America with innovative technology and social tools.

While homebuyer satisfaction is a critical focus of the Roomored virtual solution, the Roomored team equally aims to cater to their homebuilder partners. As a leading home design tool, Roomored is consistently employed by new home designers. To understand how Roomored’s technology is pioneering an improved experience for Design Studio personnel, we sat down with Brooke F., an experienced interior designer with Interior Logic Group.

Brooke has been designing dream homes for over five years, and first began using Roomored’s Virtual Design Platform in April 2020. We asked Brooke about her overall experience with Roomored, including the impact it has had on her personal design process. Read on to view our interview with Brooke, and to see what she had to say about her time using the Roomored Virtual Design Platform (some portions edited for length and/or clarity):

Roomored: Let’s start with a big question; What aspects of your process have changed with the addition of the Roomored Design Platform?

Brooke: We have had buyers asking for programs like this for years. We find that most of our buyers are very visual, and would like to not only feel the product, but view it in a room to get the best idea of the space. I would say this solution has absolutely helped us with the primary design options (wall color, wall tile, cabinets, countertops and flooring). As most of us know, this (selection) process can be daunting and overwhelming for buyers when first stepping into a Design Studio. I believe, with this tool, our buyers now have the opportunity to create inspirational home designs prior to their appointment. In the end, (Roomored) creates a more relaxing and exciting experience.

Roomored: Improving the client experience was one of our main goals in designing the Roomored platform. Are you hearing any specific feedback from your clients as it relates to their engagement with Roomored?

Brooke: I love hearing that they feel like this platform is the HGTV experience they’ve seen on TV. They love that they can favorite finishes, and that I have access to seeing them on my end. They are surprised when I pull up their designs at the beginning of the appointment, and they are glad they didn’t have to bring anything with them.

Roomored: What steps are you currently taking to begin engaging your clients with Roomored?

Brooke: We contact our buyers prior to their appointment and go over the process of their upcoming appointment with them. We follow up from that call with an email containing the Roomored link, so they can get inspired for their appointment. 

Roomored: Once your clients are online with Roomored and have created a few virtual designs, how are you incorporating those virtual designs into your in-person Design Studio appointments?

Brooke: I typically use these (virtual designs) throughout the appointment. It’s a great ice breaker for my buyers to see that I paid attention to the designs they created. It gives them the chance to open up about why they chose the items they did, and makes for a great first step into the design process. I also use (virtual designs) during the appointment for visual opportunities when deciding between multiple options.

Roomored: Since clients are spending time with Roomored in advance of their Design Studio appointment, are you able to reduce the amount of necessary, in-Studio hours?

Brooke: Absolutely. They love the fact that we have a program that can help them get a good foundation for what they are wanting. It has helped tremendously. I would say at least a 25-30% reduction in appointment times when my buyers utilize Roomored.

Roomored: In your estimation, has the Roomored Virtual Design Platform helped increase homebuyer upgrades?

Brooke: I absolutely think it has. Our buyers can now virtually “see” our design studio products. Rather than wondering what we have, they can start doing their homework before (their appointment). I truly believe that when something beautiful passes by, their heart flutters and they grow attached to it. This is what Roomored provides. (Homebuyers) have already found what they love and are willing to pay a little extra for a beautifully designed home.

Roomored: What are your personal favorite Roomored Design Online features?

Brooke: I personally love the favorite feature and share feature. The favorite feature allows me to be prepared for options they might like prior to the appointment so I can provide the best experience for them in the studio.

Roomored: As you know, Roomored incorporates a builder facing portal, which allows designers (and other builder personnel) to view analytics about how homebuyers are using Roomored. How has this “Designer Dashboard” helped you to track your homebuyer’s progress?

Brooke: I’m able to email the virtual design links to my buyers ahead of their appointments. If I notice they haven’t used it much, I can give them a call again and see if I can help them through the process. It also gives me a heads-up if a buyer is at 100% usage prior to their appointment, so I know they are fully prepared and will have the best design experience.

Roomored: Brooke, thanks again for taking the time to speak with us about Roomored. As we conclude this interview, is there anything else you would like to share about your experience using the Roomored Virtual Design Platform?

Brooke: I think this is a fantastic tool. I wish we had this tool much sooner. I love the ability to adjust the views in the virtual design as if we are in a real kitchen. It feels honest and straightforward. If I were buying a brand-new home, I would be itching to get my hands on a program like this. (Roomored is) fun, realistic, and helpful.

Thank you for reading. Do you work in the homebuilding industry and want to share your personal feedback about the Roomored platform? Are you interested in learning more about Roomored or ILG? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us at – you may be featured in our next blog post!