Top 6 Roomored Design Online Features

Whether you’re a builder interested in upgrading your home design process or already getting started with Roomored Design Online, you’ve come to the right place. As you may already know, Roomored’s virtual design technology is a first of its kind, immersive online platform that can streamline the home design process. Design Online allows interior designers and homebuyers to access their builder’s entire catalog of design finishes and apply them instantaneously to their unique floor plan, creating an incredibly realistic 3D visualization experience. And with such innovative technology, comes a wide variety of bells and whistles to help homebuyers express their preferences. From the “favorites” and “search” features to the social media and email share functionality, there are so many components that increase efficiency and make this platform such a game changer for interior designers and homebuyers alike. Keep reading to familiarize yourself with the top 6 Design Online features and be sure to follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on our latest and greatest product enhancements (@roomored).

1. Design Inspiration Packages

Design inspiration packages are customized combinations of photo-real countertops, cabinets, flooring, backsplash, and more, that homebuyers can select as a starting point to inspire their design. Your interior design team can create these and apply a specific package when sending a homebuyer their individual Design Online link, based on their unique style/preferences. For example, if your homebuyer is a big fan of neutrals, our “Taupe-tastic” design inspiration package might be a good starting point for them (shown below). 

2. Favorites Feature

The favorites feature allows designers and homebuyers to favorite, or heart, the finish options they find the most appealing. This empowers users to easily find their favorite finishes while browsing through thousands of photo-real options. Each finish option a user favorites is easily identifiable by the red heart shown on the right side of the finish thumbnail, or by clicking the “Favorites” tab (shown below). Plus, every finish option a homebuyer favorites appears on the designer dashboard, so your interior design team knows exactly what a buyer likes before they even arrive in the design center. 

3. Search Feature

The search feature allows your designers and homebuyers to type consumer-friendly terms, including colors, materials, patterns, and more, into the search bar to narrow down selections and easily find the specific finish options they’re looking for. For example, users can type in “blue,” “mosaic,” or “subway” to find specific backsplash finish options, like in the image shown below.

4. Finish Option Details

Not only can Design Online users visualize 1,000+ photo-real product options within an immersive online experience, but our platform also highlights the product information for those options. So when your interior designers and homebuyers decide on a blue mosaic backsplash like the one shown below, all they have to do is click the “details” button and they’ll find all of the information needed to order the exact product.

5. Design Viewpoints

Roomored Design Online is the only truly 3D visualization technology in the marketplace. It boasts infinite finishes AND the ability to design from multiple vantage points, which provides a better overall design experience and allows your buyer to view their home from multiple angles – just like real life! This ensures that your interior designers and homebuyers can visualize exactly what each finish looks like within their specific floor plan, as well as when it’s combined with other finishes. See examples below!

6. Review & Share Functionality

The Design Online Review & Share page allows users to easily view all of their saved designs and the list of finish options they selected within each design. Plus, there are social sharing buttons, as well as email sharing functionality, so your interior designers and homebuyers can easily share with coworkers, friends, and family. The Review & Share page also has the favorites feature mentioned above, which allows users to favorite their top designs; this definitely comes in handy when you can create an unlimited number of designs!

As you can see, Roomored’s virtual design technology is full of innovative features and functionality that truly streamline the home design process. Plus, we’re always updating our Design Online platform to further increase efficiency and improve our clients’ experience. For more information on Roomored Design Online or other product offerings, visit or email us at