The Grove by Milestone

Over the summer of 2018 Roomored partnered with Texas homebuilder, Milestone Community Builders of Austin, Tx.  Roomored and Milestone collaborated to deliver a new home buying experience like nothing home buyers have experienced before.   One of Austin’s most anticipated building developments, The Grove,  has proven to be an extremely desired area of Austin to live. Milestone Community Builders bet heavily on technology throughout the developmental process.  Leveraging the latest technology like; VR, photoreal visuals, web-based, and a social media-based sales approach.   Using these tools,  the sales and marketing team were able to engage with buyers much sooner in the developmental process, leading to faster home sales and minimizing the need for costly model homes. 

What is the Grove?

The Grove is a dynamic mixed-use community just minutes from the heart of downtown Austin, Tx.  It’s been called the perfect place to live, work and play. With over  75  acres of a mixed-use community;  upscale townhomes, luxury condos, and stunning single-family homes. Boutique retailers. 20 acres of natural splendor alongside Shoal Creek.

The Grove is Austin’s gathering place.

How did Roomored help The Grove?

Selling homes sooner in the development process was the goal of using Roomored’s virtual solutions.  The plan worked better than initially thought.  Milestone Community Builders originally planned to build four model homes, as Roomored proved itself, Milestone was able to reduce that by two model homes.  Roomored’s virtual platform enabled Milestone to pre-sell more homes by allowing buyers to explore all available floors plan and even deciding on interior finish options.  The Grove’s sales center was designed by Milestone to feel more like a retail store and not like a traditional home sales center.  Packed with large touchscreens, laptops, and tablets,  selling the “vision” of the undeveloped community became much easier with rich photoreal visuals and walk-throughs.

“Not building a model is unheard of,” Bailey said. “That’s revolutionary in a lot of ways. That land where the models were going to go, we can now sell as homes right away. We don’t have to furnish them. We have 30-floor plans and with this, we’re able to show everything. We’ve seen a diversity of product buys based on the fact that they can actually see and walk through everything.”-Edjuan Bailey, VP Brand Strategy for M Signature (Milestone) –from Dallas Innovates article (READ FULL ARTICLE))

What does this mean?

The homebuilding industry is in the middle of a technology revolution. Homebuilders are having to change how consumers buy and design our homes.  The Grove is a great example of how implementing and applying technology to the sales process has proven to save valuable time and associated cost of the traditional model home sales model.  We will continue to see technology play a larger role throughout the home buying sales cycle.


The Grove is a dynamic mixed-use community just minutes from the heart of downtown. A perfect place to live, work and play. Or rest, rejuvenate and luxuriate. The Grove is where closeness has many meanings and free time is spent living, rather than driving. The Grove is Austin’s gathering place.