Roomored Basics: Which Finish Options can you Control?

As a homebuilder, showing off what you’re capable of building can be very difficult. Typically, you start with a single demo home to give buyers a sense of the space and then rely on your design studio to help buyers decide what backsplash, flooring, or countertop to use. Changing out these finishes after the demo home has been built can be both costly and cumbersome, so you have to hope it gets done right the first time.

In a virtual setting, any finish option can be changed with the touch of a button. You can ensure that only the available options for each floor plan show up as finishes the new buyer can pick from, all while creating a completely innovative and immersive home buying experience. Today, we’ll show you how Roomored does this.

Interior Finish Options
If you’ve built a home or work in the home building industry, you’re familiar with the difficult task of trying to imagine your 2,000 sq ft home from looking at a 2 x 2 tile samples. Those days are gone; Roomored offers complete customization of a home’s interior. Complete in a matter of minutes what would take hours in a design studio, and make these decisions with confidence knowing you have real-time feedback when you make a change.

Interior finish options include backsplash, countertops, tile, paint, and cabinetry.

Exterior Finish Options   

As a new homeowner, few things compare to pulling up in the driveway of your home, getting out of your car and walking around your brand new home. While this not a possibility for new home construction, a virtual model is the closest thing you will find to the real thing.  With Roomored, you can see the outside of your new home just as if you are driving down the street. Once you have picked your floor plan, the fun part of choosing your brick or paint color begins. Roomored gives you the ability to change all exterior options. Builders have the option to allow complete customization or can bundle exterior package themes.  Elevation changes to a floor plan may be made but additional software updates will be needed.

Our exterior finish options include brick & stone, siding, shutters, and roofing.


Roomored is not only for interior and exterior finishes but also works great with kitchen appliance selection. Maybe you are thinking about the stainless steel refrigerator, maybe it’s the matte black fridge, or maybe it’s the new smart fridge with a glass door?  Wouldn’t it be nice to see how these options will look in your new kitchen? Roomored can switch out refrigerators and ovens faster than any moving company without the backaches. With the touch of a button, swipe through all of your appliance options sees the actual sizing of each appliance and how it will fit exactly to scale.  

Appliance options include refrigerators, ovens, stoves, microwaves.