4 Ways Roomored is Elevating the Homebuying Experience

Originally posted on interiorlogicgroup.com

Today’s homebuyers are not to be confused with generations past.

The bulk of first-time homebuyers today are millennials, the generation who has grown up with technology. And right behind them is Gen Z, which is even more tech proficient. These younger demographic groups have become accustomed to doing just about everything virtually, and they like it that way – which extends to their homebuying experience. Since 43% of new homebuyers are first-time purchasers, appealing to their preferences for technology just makes good sense.

Thanks to Roomored, an integral component of ILG’s Home Technology Solutions, we are able to offer today’s tech-savvy homebuyers a virtual home shopping and interior design experience. Roomored’s engaging photoreal visualization technology with its expansive digital catalog offers homebuyers an immersive experience for selecting interior finishes.

Here are a few ways that Roomored is helping builders elevate the homebuying experience.

  1. The platform is time-efficient and convenient.

In addition to the planned time in the design studio, homebuyers can also use Roomored’s virtual platform and make their selections at their leisure.

What’s more, Roomored allows design professionals to prepare in advance for design appointments by pulling homebuyers favorited options, which streamlines decision making and helps move the design process forward. In fact, some builders have experienced up to 50% reduction in design appointment time with Roomored.

That kind of efficiency and convenience is tremendously important to homebuyers and to homebuilders as well.

  1. It provides personalization.

Utilizing data in this manner is one more way to leverage the benefits of technology and make the homebuying experience more enjoyable for homebuyers, and it gives homebuilders access to key information about their customers that makes the process more efficient for them as well.

  1. It delivers a wealth of information about home design products.

Along with increasing confidence in their design skills, today’s home-renovating television shows are also ramping up buyers’ demand of information about the home design products available to them.

Roomored’s online design solution provides buyers with all available finish options, including flooring, cabinets, and countertops – right at their fingertips. While customers used to have to go to a design studio, showroom or model home to see and learn more about these products, now they can explore them any time, from the comfort of their own home or just about anywhere.

In addition, the platform provides a high level of realism, so that what customers see is what they get, and they can be more confident in their design decisions. This allows homebuilders to move ahead more quickly to incorporate these decisions into the finished design.

  1. It adds an extra layer of service.

Roomored allows buyers to do their research and exploration before entering the showroom so that they can visualize the products while spending less time in the design studio.

Essentially, the virtual platform provides a seamless transition between the service that buyers receive in a showroom and the service delivered by this new technology. It’s the best of both worlds, making the homebuying process easier and more efficient for the customers, the design teams, and the homebuilders.

Younger demographic groups are demanding digital solutions in every aspect of their lives, including homebuying. By providing time efficiency and convenience, personalization and an added layer of service to choosing home finishes, Roomored’s virtual platform elevates the homebuying experience for everyone involved.