4 Effective Ways to Use Roomored Design Online

Now that you’ve signed up for Roomored Design Online (congratulations!), it’s time to start thinking about the wide variety of ways you can implement this effective tool into your design process. From pre-appointment preparation for designers and home buyers to real-time collaboration during virtual appointments, Design Online increases efficiency, enhances visualization, and strengthens communication for everyone involved. Below you’ll find 4 effective ways to use Roomored Design Online – what works best for your design team?!

1.Pre-Appointment Preparation

Using Design Online to prepare your customers for upcoming design appointments is the most effective strategy for decreasing appointment time and one that the vast majority of Roomored clients find success with. Not only can you send homebuyers unique designs that you’ve created specifically for them, you can also  encourage buyers to experiment with your wide array of finish offerings. Since homebuyers will be able to visualize a multitude of product combinations before ever setting foot in the design studio, many design appointments decrease in length and result in increased efficiencies across the board. You can even track your homebuyer’s Design Online progress through the designer dashboard, which allows you to review the finishes they’ve “favorited” and completed designs in advance of the appointment. 

2. In-Person Design Appointment Collaboration

Another effective way to use Design Online is during design appointments. This not only gives homebuyers the tangible experience they desire in a design studio, but it also provides the visualization experience necessary to make important design decisions. In other words, your buyers will be able to touch and feel the bold backsplash they fell in love with, while virtually seeing how it looks within their floor plan and when combined with other finishes. This technique also saves your design team a significant amount of time, and in some cases steps… literally. There’s no longer a reason to run back and forth to the stock room to pull dozens of products at every homebuyer request. First, select the finish option within Design Online, let your buyers see exactly what it looks like in their future home, and if they like it, proceed… if not, no need to pull the sample!

3. Virtual Design Appointment Collaboration

Although a rare occurrence pre-COVID-19, virtual design appointments have become rather common in today’s climate. As a result, virtual design platforms and visualization tools like Design Online have gone from nice-to-have to completely necessary. Design Online gives interior designers and homebuyers the 3D, photo-real virtual design experience they need to keep the design process moving forward, while staying convenient and collaborative too, which makes virtual design appointments a breeze. Simply hop on a call with your homebuyer(s) and send design links back and forth via email or chat, as you talk through ideas and get closer and closer to the final design. You can even screen-share the platform in real-time through video conferencing tools like Zoom! With Design Online, the customer collaboration is endless.

4. Post-Appointment Follow-Up 

Design Online is not only useful for pre-appointment preparation and real-time collaboration, but following up after design appointments, too! If homebuyers end up going in a completely different direction during a design appointment and time runs out, sending Design Online links post-appointment to continue the conversation is extremely effective. Especially during your busy season or if deadlines are quickly approaching, and the next in-person or virtual appointment may be days or even weeks away! Simply send some new Design Online links and you’ll get right back on track. 

As you can see, Design Online is truly an effective tool to have during every step of the design process. From pre-appointment preparation to real-time collaboration, and even continuing the conversation post-appointment, there’s no better way to collaborate with homebuyers, increase design appointment efficiency, and enhance the overall design experience. Click here to find out more about Design Online and explore our top 6 platform features!