Why The Virtual Floor Plan is the most powerful new tool for homebuilders

We’re living in a new age, technology is speeding up every process in our lives. Customers have grown accustomed to having 24/7 access to all information at their fingertips. Sales & Marketing teams are obsessed with customer experience, trying to keep up with the ever-changing customer expectation.  Customers are demanding a better experience and it’s our job create a fun and exciting buyers experience while picking out a new home. So how is the homebuilding industry adapting to this change in customer behavior?

Improved visual tools have been at the top of the “want list” for new home buyers for quite some time.  “Virtual Floor Plans” are now giving home buyers access to their floor plans in ways like never before. A virtual environment allows for freedoms in design and customization that will bring your customer experience to the next level.


What exactly are you getting when you have a virtual floor plan created?


The Virtual Floor Plan is completely revolutionizing the sales & design center experience. Interactive touch screens facilitate a futuristic experience that is sure to make your customer say, “wow, that was cool”.  Change paint colors, backsplash, tile, appliances with ease; make realtime finish option choices with the touch of a button.    Save and share your home design choices with the Roomored web capabilities.

MARKETING ASSETS – Take advantage of the high quality images that will be available from a VFP, breathtaking images on demand.  Before, you would need a professional photographer or an expensive graphic designer to create the quality of assets the Roomored virtual floor plan can create instantly.  These images can be used on your website, social media channels, and also a nice takeaway for your customers when they see something they want as a souvenir. Save thousands in your marketing budget by utilizing the  high quality visuals from the virtual tours and plans.

Virtual tours – Virtual tours are maybe the best features about a virtual floor plan.  The VFP can be turned into short video tours of the complete floor plan (usually 60-90 seconds). Virtual tours are excellent tools to drive more pre-sales, customers can experience a home just like they are walking through it in real life.  Wonderful for remote buyers that may not have be able to make the on-site visits.   

Your customers will love the virtual tours and your marketing department will approve as well.  If you would like to add virtual floor plans to your building offerings, please contact the Roomored team at