Why More Home Builders are Investing in Virtual Home Tours and Home Design Technology

Let’s face it, technology makes life easier. And when you have a business that specializes in selling products with high sticker prices (like homes) technology plays a pivotal role in sales efficiency and enabling a better buyer experience. Home design technology, in the form of software for homebuilders and virtual home tours, helps home building companies cut costs while hitting high revenue targets. If you are a homebuilder, you can invest in virtual home tours and home design technology to enhance the customer experience while helping to improve your own bottom line. This article is intended to help executive management discover the value in home design technology and virtual home tours.

Home Design Technology Garners Maximum Efficiency

Some home building companies still use outdated procedures that do nothing but rack up expenses, inconvenience buyers, and slow down efficiency: model homes. First of all, building model homes requires tons of time in building the actual structure, this means the home builder is losing out on precious time that could be used moving lots. Home design technology and virtual tours can be placed in a sales trailer to help immediately boost sales in a community. Once the model home is completed, this home design technology can be transitioned seamlessly from the trailer into the model. Sales people can use these tools to make the home buying process more immersive as well as use it to maintain control of the sales process. The days of sending buyers to another community to view a certain floorplan are long gone! But perhaps the greatest value of this type of technology can be obtained by anyone building multiple models in a community. With the advent of this new technology, home builders can focus on building one exemplary model, where buyers will still be able to view every additional virtual floor plan as if they were walking it in person. The reduction in overhead associated with multiple models alone is enough to justify the cost of this amazing new technology.

Home Design Technology and Virtual Home Tours Slash Costs

We already mentioned that home design technology and virtual home tours significantly reduce your costs when the option is favored over building multiple model homes. Keep in mind that the overhead associated with keeping multiple models running will generally not be recouped when selling those models when the community is closed out.

Now consider home design technology and virtual tours and how they remove the need for a plethora of inventory or model homes. With home design technology homebuilders can create virtual homes overnight, at no additional cost, and customize each one to a target segment of their buyers. Not only are homebuilders able to save money but they also free up time that would be spent on overseeing the building of a model home and use that time in another area that contributes directly to their bottom line.

Virtual home tours help remove the need for sales professionals to be present to walk buyers through model homes. Virtual homes are open 24/7, so buyers are now able to access the virtual models from the convenience of their own home or office giving a much better buyer experience.

Virtual Tours and Home Design Technology Leads to More Sales

One of the main reasons why home buyers drop like flies is that too much time elapses after they walk a property. This causes them to feel disconnected from the home and the reality of the cost sets in causing buyers remorse. Virtual tours and home design technology allow for buyers to stay engaged with the home, re-visiting it over and over. It also allows people to play with flooring options, layout preferences, and change everything from the finish to the appliances. As buyers play with the technology, they stay emotionally invested. And as a result, retention will shoot up, and with that comes an increase in sales.

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