Using Roomored as a Marketing Tool

A potential buyer looking to build a new home has to make multiple decisions throughout the process. Which builder to work with, what floor plan to select, how many bedrooms, what countertop, flooring and shingle type. The buying and building experience can be both exciting and overwhelming for many.

The customer experience is a popular and growing term we hear more about each year across many industries. Car buying. Airlines. Restaurants. Homebuilding. What differentiating factor is going to help a potential home buying customer choose you? How can we provide a unique experience that gives us an advantage over our competition?

This blog will share highlights of how Roomored, a 3D / VR design platform can help you to create stellar customer experience that will lead to better customer engagement and conversion.

Experience Through Visuals

In new homes sales, prospects are buying and building their homes based on trust and comfort. They can’t yet see their home yet but they trust in the process of development. Providing reassurance through the design center process or a walk through of a model home can be helpful in keeping the customers engaged and excited throughout a potentially lengthy build.

Stunning Photo Real Visuals

You’ve designed amazing floor plans. You have all the best finish options. Why waste the “wow factor” on low quality visuals?  Most customers have seen the HGTV shows and flipped through the building magazines. They now are looking for high quality visuals to help them set realistic expectations about their brand new home. Being able to facilitate an exciting visual experience is critical. Using Roomored’s incredibly lifelike imagery and graphics, you can help to take your floor plans, custom finishes and load them to one customizable platform. Leave your customers excited and eager to get in to their new home before the foundation is even set. 

Video Walk-Thru Sharing

Roomored gives you have the ability to show your prospect how each individual floor plan will look without a demo home.  For the first time, buyers will be able to experience all of your floor plan options in a 3D video. Use these amazing walkthrough videos on your companies website or directly email your potential customer a link to the homes they are interested in seeing.  These videos give a convenient option to both busy builders and buyers.


Awareness and Referrals

Imagine the impact when a home buyer shares a screen shot of their home that has not been built yet? Allow your buyers to share the video walk through to all of their friends and family? How many of our new customers have been influenced by a prior customer that had a good experience with your company? Your ability to meet and exceed expectations will directly correlate to how many convert into paying customers.

Roomored is a clear advantage in new home marketing. Prepare your sales team with the best tools available. Increase the quality of your customer experience using the best technology. Drive more awareness and referrals through shareable visuals and a premier experience.

Contact Roomored today and let us show you how we can bring your customer experience into the future.