The 2020 Interior Design Trends We Love

Dare to Be Different: The 2020 Interior Design Trends We Love

Optimism. Individuality. Bold colors, bold patterns. Mixing. Experimenting.

When we tried to summarize the biggest design trends for 2020, it all comes down to one thing: You and creating a space that reflects your personality and definition of home. From the creative types at Roomored, the people who streamline the new home design process for homebuilders, that’s music to our ears.

No longer must your new home be a cookie cutter to every other home in the neighborhood. Today’s design trends encourage you to be authentic to your taste and who you are when selecting paint colors, cabinets, tile, and flooring. Uber unique is good, something to be embraced. So let’s take a look at this year’s no-holds-barred interior design trends, shall we?

Trend 1: Color Is the New Neutral.

We’re so used to seeing the tried and true neutrals – white or light gray – in homes that we forget there’s a world of color out there. The reason is these traditional neutrals are “safe.” This year, however, designers are encouraging us to use color—warm tones like mango and copper, saturated hues like deep navy and chartreuse and jewel tones like emerald and ruby—on walls, tiles and cabinets. And this doesn’t mean an accent wall of your favorite hue. Go big or go home; paint the whole room a color that brightens your world.

It can be intimidating to use color in big ways; we get that. Which is why Roomored’s virtual design platform, used by these fine homebuilders, is such a great tool. You can digitally splash color on any wall, cabinet, tile or floor, in any room of the floor plan of your choosing to see how you like it and if you can live with it.

Trend 2: Bold Trim And Ceiling.

A few years ago, one of our team members decided to cover the ceiling of her dining room with ruby red wallpaper. When she mentioned it over coffee it sounded over the top, which it was, literally. Fast-forward to now and we’re thinking she’s quite a trendsetter. Interior designers have put their stamp of approval on painting and wallpapering ceilings. The focus is on high-contrast design. By that we mean using a softer, more neutral color on your walls and going bold on the ceiling. Combos include white walls and a deep, warm gray on the ceiling, light sage walls and a deeper cedar green on the ceiling. The end result is a crisp, modern look.


Wood trim doesn’t have to be white, either. Some of the sleekest, most sophisticated looks we’ve seen have the trim painted the same color as the walls.

Trend 3: Two-Tone Kitchens.
We have to say, we love this trend! For years, all-white and all-wood kitchens have ruled. Now it’s time to shake things up. The new trend is to mix colors. For example, do wood cabinets along the walls and add a pop of color by doing a painted island. You can also do your lower cabinets one color and uppers another. Keep in mind that dark colors carry more weight so if you like the two-toned approach, make sure it’s light on top and dark on the bottom.

Choosing cabinets is one of the “big” decisions for a new home and up until now, it’s been difficult to experiment with different colors and wood stains short of looking at those little cabinet doors and color chips. Roomored makes it super simple to experiment with different colors, woods and two-tone combinations. Look for a homebuilder who offers our virtual design platform and try this trend out.

Trend 4: Statement Tiles.

After the proliferation of sleek, go-with-anything white subway tiles during the last decade, the pendulum is swinging the other way. A general trend: look for larger tiles on the floor and smaller tiles on backsplashes. In terms of color, texture and materials, where should we begin? Artisan, handmade tiles are making a comeback as have mod metals, stone and printed tile. Patterned tile is hot, ranging from eye-dazzling geometrics as well as more elegant, vintage looks like printed fleur de lis. And if you’re not ready to give up on subway tile, not to worry! Simply choose larger tiles and mix up how the tiles are laid. If it’s you, it’s all good.

If you’re uncertain of which direction to go with your kitchen bathroom or floor tile, Roomored’s virtual design platform is loaded with each homebuilder’s options so you can experiment with as many options as you like.

Trend 5: Natural Wood Tones in the Kitchen.  

While kitchens are often visually dominated by the sleek surfaces of granite and other stones, stainless steel and white painted cabinets, wood in its natural state is sneaking back into kitchens. Instead of heavy finishes that mask a wood’s natural grain and tones, we’re seeing a shift to lighter finishes and in some cases, unfinished wood. Lest you think this trend is too rustic, it’s actually sophisticated when applied sparingly. Try adding a kitchen island—or just the top—in a pretty, grainy wood. If you really want to be on-trend, check out pecky cypress, a wood known as much for its distinctive pattern as water resistance.

Trend 6: Tile Floors that Replicate Natural Wood and Stone.

Now this trend is a winner particularly for those with kids, pets or whose floors just get a lot of wear. The big trend in flooring is a move to that have the beauty of wood and stone, but are easier to maintain and can withstand use. Think toddlers and toys, pets with claws, and the wet and mud that get tracked in during winter months. These lookalike faux wood and stone tiles are stunning and so, so easy to maintain.


We hope you’re as excited as we are about 2020’s interior design trends. If you’re in the market for a new construction home, make sure to ask the homebuilder if they have Roomored’s virtual design platform. With literally hundreds of photo-real options of paint, tile, slab and cabinetry, it’s never been easier to dare to be different and create a new home that reflects your individual style. Learn more about Roomored here. See our portfolio of homebuilders here.


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