Roomored in the City: Mockingbird Flats

Hello, and welcome to Roomored in the City! Where we scour Dallas to uncover the hidden gems in our great city. Each week will be post on a different community, and reveal exactly what makes it unique. Thanks for joining us, and we hope you enjoy reading this as much as we did writing it!

As I walked into Mockingbird Flats, I was taken back by the environment around me. The vibrantly painted lobby welcomed me in with soft music, as a sharply dressed individual named Dimitri approached me. The goal of my visit was to find out what exactly made Mockingbird Flats unique, and trust me when I say I got my answer. Dimitri, who is the Building Manager at Mockingbird Flats was very kind to spare some time in his busy schedule and we took a stroll around the community’s “doggy run” while we chatted.

We were greeted along the way by intricate murals made locally by our own Dallasites. After our tour, it was easy to see why this community was renowned for its upscale feel, but their beauty isn’t skin-deep. Additionally, Mockingbird Flats is LEED Certified as a Green property. Each building was constructed using recycled products, and the community continues to endorse the Green movement with their recycling valet adjunct to the normal trash service.

I left Mockingbird Flats feeling as though I experienced the luxury treatment, and cannot wait to get an aqua massage when they’re done with renovations. Check it out Dallas! You never know what amazing things you will find.