Q&A With CEO Farrukh Malik on Building The Roomored Team.

We recently sat down with our CEO, Farrukh Malik, to discuss how he build the Roomored team.

Q: Why did you elect to build an in-house team instead of outsourcing?

A: “What we built is something extremely complex — there are multiple moving parts that all need to work together.  We knew from the start that the core technology had to be built in-house, that had to be with us. Choosing to outsource has way too much risk that we were not willing to take.  

Q: What kind of people are on your team?

A: The way I’ve picked my team has been a slow and long process because we needed so many things. Having a software built around the concept of photo-realism, there were two distinct skill sets we needed: game developers and artists who typically work for gaming & animation studios. We also needed game developers who would be willing to work on something completely different from game development.  And we also needed all of these team members to work together with those very different personality types.”

Q: What kind of talent did you look for when choosing your team?

A: “Once we knew exactly what we needed,  we went out looking for this talent and have been very fortunate that we managed to find the best talent out there.  Not only is our team good, but they’re great people and work really well together…team chemistry is so valuable!

We are very proud of the product we have built. We identified a major problem that needed to be solved for home builders and we put together the team to build a product that solved these issues. We have the capacity to work with hundreds of floor plans, thousands of finishes in hundreds of communities with our cloud based services.”

Q: What do you think is the greatest strength of the team?

A: The greatest strength of Roomored’s team is that we are a diverse team of VR experts, game developers, php developers, data scientists, operations experts and business & management professionals – all working together to create an outstanding product.

We look forward to hearing from you and your team, please reach out to us and let us show a demonstration of a custom Roomored solution for you. Click here to view the full video.