How Roomored Turns Dazed Home Buyers into Dream Home Designers

A couple walks into your development’s new home design center, happy and excited. It’s time for them to take the plunge and customize their dream home. (Yay!)

You lead them over to finish boards on the wall, each with thoughtfully curated, on-trend squares of wood, tile, flooring, and paint chips.

“What exactly is this? Where do all of these go? What will this look like throughout my house?”

Next up, upgrades. More options. More confusion. And more decision dilemmas for the buyers. Before you can move on to the next phase of the process, they stand to leave.

“You’ve given us a lot to think about. Let us just digest this and we’ll get back to you…”

And out the door they go; a hard stop on what should be an easy process. What’s a home builder to do?

Roomored has a suggestion. Trade the paper, finish boards, and maybe even the model home for a digital experience that not only engages potential buyers, it immerses them so completely in the design process of their new home, they find it hard to tear themselves away. And when they do leave your design center, they’re deep in the buyer’s journey and far more likely to make a decision in days rather than weeks or months.

Sounds like your dream experience, right? Here’s how Roomored works our magic for homebuilders.

First, we customize the experience on our virtual tour and design platform. We bring your development and homes to life by rendering all of your floor plans, finish options and upgrades onto our platform for a total 3D experience. Potential buyers can now access all of your plans and options on an interactive touch screen that welcomes engagement and design experimentation. Buyers can “see” their new home as if it were real and more importantly, imagine themselves living in it.

Second, we give homebuyers the digital design process they see on popular television programs. You’ve seen them, too. The remodeler sits down with clients and swipes through a few screens of designs on a tablet or laptop. The realism of the designs eliminates the need for the clients to visualize floor plans and finishes. They’re instantly sold.

Roomored’s digital design experience is similar—but a gazillion times better because of exponentially greater functionality—and meets homebuyers’ expectations on what the design process should be.

Third, we make the experience available anytime, anywhere. While Roomored’s platform is a great tool for your design center, you can also provide online access so homebuyers can design their dream home when it’s convenient for them. And the more they “play” with their designs, the more streamlined the process becomes.

Four, we fulfill on your desire to deliver exactly what your homebuyers want: their dream home. Building a new home involves some of the most stressful and expensive decisions people will ever make. There’s just this natural fear that what they choose won’t look right. By giving your buyers the power to see and experience their home with everything in place – colors, cabinets, tile, flooring, the works – you eliminate the stress and guesswork of designing their home. And when the home is completed, your buyers will get exactly what they imagined.

Their dream home.

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