How House Design Software Helps Build an Emotional Connection with the Modern Home Buyer

Let’s face it, a huge majority of today’s home buyers are modern buyers. After all, we live in an age where digital technology is growing at record-breaking rates, and 9 out of 10 homes in America rely on technology to improve their lifestyle, and the number one use is shopping. 

People who are shopping for homes are no different. The engagement rates with virtual home tours on realtor’s sites almost always get the most online traffic, meaning that this is what buyers care about the most. They want to see the home, but don’t have time in their busy lifestyle to go tour 10 homes. Nor is this ideal for custom home builders, as once a buyer has toured half a dozen homes, they all start to blend together and the emotional connection they make with your house will eventually fizzle out. This is where house design software from companies like Roomored change the game entirely by improving the user experience while maintaining that emotional connection your prospect has with the home. Here’s how.

With House Design Software Your Buyers Get What they Want, When they Want It

Today’s consumers are used to finding what they are looking for relatively quickly, exactly when they want the item. And buying a home is no different. Because consumers are living in a culture where they are used to finding things on Ebay and Amazon, an egress is created so this extends into shopping for a home. And just as the most successful sellers on Ebay and Amazon use additional tech features in their product descriptions, home builders can expect the same results by using house design software to enhance and maintain the emotional experience between the home and the prospective buyer. 

The home building space is, unfortunately, one of the slowest industries to invest in technology as a sales and marketing tool. And since 90 percent of your market embrace technology to help them make purchasing decisions, now is the time to learn about all the benefits of house design software, and how it can lead to an increase in home sales by enhancing the user experience while lighting a fire under their emotional triggers to buy. 

House Design Software Allows Buyers to be Directly Involved in the Design Process 

Traditional home builders have a showroom where appointments are set to go over floor plans and show clients material samples. These range from flooring to countertops, and from cabinets and backsplash tiles to sliding doors and crown molding. But seeing these samples in a showroom as opposed to actually seeing them in their house creates an emotional experience that is lackluster in comparison. Thanks to house design software, clients can interact with the design process and, thanks to photo real technology, see how their dream kitchen will look with the specified floor plan, island size and placement, appliance location and selection, counter tops, floor tiles, backsplash and more. As they play with different finishes to create their ideal kitchen, the emotional connection is deepened, as they feel like creators of their own personal dream as opposed to see finishes presented by sales people in a way that limits their ability to stay bonded to the project. 

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