Will Home Builders Stop Building Model Homes?

What is the Future of the Model Home?

One thing that has remained the same in the new home sales process is the model home. How will technology change the model home? What benefits are there to moving to the virtual model home? Learn how Roomored plans to shake up the new home sales process by utilizing virtual reality and 3-D imaging. 

The “Old Way”

Every industry goes through the unique challenge of adjusting from the “old way” to the “new way” when it comes to revamping their customer experience, marketing strategy, or internal operations. Optimizations in new home sales have been made over the years. We are seeing these changes in the form of updated digital marketing strategies, virtual displays, and electronic documentation. The model home has been a staple in the new home sales cycle for decades, but is it the most efficient way for builders to preview floor plans? Model homes are costly for home builders. When you take in to consideration property cost, labor, supplies,  staging/design, and time, builders are paying large amounts but may not be maximizing the opportunity.

What does the “new way” mean for the home builder?

More virtual floor plans, more pre-sale, no more staging homes

Virtual floor plans will allow for visualization of a “model home” without a large money and time investment. Virtual plans will allow for an elevated customer experience, allowing buyers to see their homes before the foundation has ever been laid. The addition of a virtual floor plan has added saved critical time in the sales cycle by eliminating the time needed to wait for the development of a model home.  Roomored customer The Grove Austin has chosen to forgo the expensive model home and instead implement all virtual floor plans and designs. See an example of one of their best selling floor plans here.

In the future we will see builders downsize from three model homes to one,  using virtual reality to showcase the numerous remaining floor plans. Larger communities needing  5+ model homes will cut those needs in half with better utilization of the existing model homes.  Let’s think about staging the home with furniture; this alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  You can completely bypass these expenses with a virtual floor plan.  Taking all these time-saving factors into consideration, we begin the sales cycle before traditional model homes have even been started.  

What does this means for the buyer?

Better visuals, at-home accessibility, confidence in your decisions. 

The number one problem when buying a new construction home is being able to visualize how a home will look when it’s completed. The traditional way of picking a floor plan and designing a home starts with 2-dimensional plans and possibly some renderings (static images, not dynamic).  Don’t just look at a nice picture–have a fully immersive experience with the ability to walk around each floor plan, letting buyers explore every option and make decisions with confidence.  The design center experience can be stressful and can take several visits and appointments. Virtual floor plans allow buyers the luxury of seeing every floor plan and all design options from the comfort of their own home. Never before have buyers had this capability.  Roomored facilitates a pleasant and efficient design experience, the way it should be.

What this means for the Community Developers?

Powerful marketing material, pre-sales

It’s hard to sell a dirt patch. Let’s turn that same dirt patch into a fully immersive virtual community,  and now you have shared the vision with all of your potential customers.  Virtual models will help drive more pre-sales without a doubt.  Equip your sales and marketing team with the latest technology supporting new home buying;  including virtual walk-through videos and rich visuals.




About Roomored

Roomored is a VR/3D software focusing on virtual home for new home construction.  Roomored’s design platform allows home buyers to virtually experience their new homes before they are built.

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