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Roomored in the City: Park 4200

November 29th, 2016 | By : Roomored Admin

Hello, and welcome to Roomored in the City! Where we scour Dallas to uncover the hidden gems in our great city. Each week will be post on a different community, and reveal exactly what makes it unique. Thanks for joining us, and we hope you enjoy reading this as much as we did writing it!

Today in my trek to discover what this city has to offer, I found myself on the outskirts of Highland Park. As I walked down Oak Lawn, I was drawn to Park 4200 by its colorful exterior. I stepped inside their leasing center, and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of natural light that flowed through the lobby. Only seconds after entering, a gentleman welcomed me. His name was James, the community manager, and he was excited to tell me what sets Park 4200 apart from the rest. From him, I learned that the building was originally constructed as condominiums which provided them the opportunity to give tenants uniquely large apartments when they were built in 2009.

These spacious units are accompanied by gorgeous views of downtown, and its close proximity to Highland Park reminds you that you are safe from life’s emergencies. If you are ever near Oak Lawn and Herschel, I encourage you to take a glimpse into the family that is Park 4200.


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